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New NYR Coach Press Conference James Alexander Michie

May 24, 2018: The New York Rangers hold a press conference at Madison Square Garden to introduce the new head coach, David Quinn.

Author: James Alexander Michie

Last winter the Rangers set a goal to create a base based on youth, speed, and athleticism, apparently they are doing everything necessary to achieve their goal since they now have a new head coach, David Quinn, who descends from the ranks of the university with a young talent gestation popularity, which is convenient and probably a key piece for a team now rejuvenated.

Likewise, hockey requires that a plan is always acquired and objectives are established, which is being done by the Rangers, which is currently known as a team with young prospects.

Quinn believes that hockey is about what you can do when someone tries to prevent you from doing it, which entails challenges, through which questions arise such as how competitive an individual is as well as how he handles the situation when someone is on his way, Likewise he tells one of his anecdotes, while he belonged to the Kent School in Connecticut as a runner on several occasions he could have taken a step to the left and managed to get into the end zone but he preferred to pass over the guy in front of him, his Coach questioned him in a way claiming that he could have taken a step to surround his rival but for Quinn to pass over it was a blunt message and he enjoyed doing it, which he considers being part of his personality and that is also something that it carries in its DNA.

Similarly Quinn emphasizes that no one works alone and that the greater the sacrifice of each player, the more it thrives which leads to the team prospering as a whole, also suggests as necessary that the coach creates a level of expectation, pointing out that it falls on the shoulders of the coaches to verbalize and demand a daily basis as to how is the performance of the players in the practices and training applying in such a way what is required or is being sought for the improvement of both the player and of the team. Added to this refers to the fact that the communication of a coach and his team should undoubtedly be constant and that the size is not something that really works for all the members of his team since it is the same as the performance of a young 24 years he has been in the league to a 19 years old player who is a first-year professional.

It is crucial that, if a player does not have that aggressive behavior in their DNA, they should appreciate the personality of the same, giving some arrogance on the ice, but also a sense of responsibility so that with the passage of time the young Begin to believe in yourself because the coach and his team demonstrate that they truly believe in him.

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