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Author: James Alexander Michie

Larry Stone who is a columnist for The Seattle Times talks about his experience over the years and points out the learning he has achieved over 27 years regarding the upbringing of young athletes. Considers that there are several aspects that could be called as complicated or somewhat annoying in terms of sports participation of their offspring.

Stone talks about events during his life in which both his children and sports were involved.

Similarly, Stone says that during those stages I enjoy delicious fun, growth as well as bonding. He also states that there was a point at which he would not have noticed that his family was entering a world in which he would sometimes dominate their lives and that he would also become a focal point for his family’s logistics. In addition to this, he says that for 27 years, uninterrupted and organized youth sports were established as a basic element for the Stone family. Among some of the sports that were present during their lives are soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, diving, water polo, and despite being a lot of sports it says that you may have forgotten to add one to your list.

Now Stone has been in the task of dealing with what some call the “empty nest syndrome” and it is necessary to make reference to the fact that her eldest daughter is now 32 years old and she is also married. Stone has kept reflecting on what he experienced as a father of youth sports and therefore exposes some lessons that he learned over the years.

Among the same lessons exposed, you can read “There is a great need to make youth athletics less selective, premier and elite, and more about fun, participation, and recreation”. In addition to that “The biggest psychological trauma that exists is waiting for a callback after your child has tested for a particular team”. But one of the most outstanding lessons and that without any doubt is necessary to bring up, says “Savor the memories, passes blurry. And I loved (almost) every minute of that. ”

Take a read: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/lessons-learned-from-27-years-of-youth-sports-parenting-stone/

Source: Larry Stone | The Seattle Times

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