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John Ivison: Liberals using MS St. Louis apology to prop up failing asylum-seeker policies is unconscionable

Author: James Alexander Michie

The descendant of the Sikhs rejected the Komagata Maru, a survivor of the residential schools of Newfoundland or a member of the First Nation Tsilhqot’in, who saw six of his chiefs hanged in 1864, the Prime Minister’s version of a formal apology dyed of tears may have offered some consolation.

Now, with the news that the government will formally apologize for Canada’s 1939 decision to reject the MS St. Louis, a ship that was transporting 907 German Jews fleeing the Nazi regime, Trudeau has gone beyond apologizing for things that happened long before he was born. Likewise, it is said that said apology is intended to justify and exonerate the current government policy regarding migrants who cross into Canada from the United States.

Likewise, the parliamentary secretary of the Minister of Commerce, Omar Alghabra expressed through the social network Twitter, that Canada must reconcile its promotion of human rights worldwide with the mistakes made in the country.

This tweet published by the Alghabra brought with it a storm of people accusing him of making a direct historical comparison between the Holocaust and the fate faced by the “irregular” migrants of today. However, he spoke about it and similarly denied that he equaled the two, but his insistence that “those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it” suggests that he sees parallels.

Meanwhile, when speaking about Alghabra, it is said that without a doubt it is correct that asylum seekers are protected by the Charter. Due process is not a choice. But neither should it be undefined and this government has made a complete mess of managing a refugee system that is experiencing an increase in claimants that it is not equipped to manage.

On the other hand, it is said that liberals must take action to close the gap in the Safe Third Country Agreement that allows claims to be made by people who would otherwise be ineligible.

Source: John Ivison | National Post

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