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Maxime Bernier Calls For Phasing Out Foreign Aid

Author: James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier has been expressing what you really think and what is your true point of view on any issue, now that Bernier is forming his new political party that still has no name, makes a very interesting proposal and it must be said, Bernier has a point.

The politician calls for the elimination of foreign aid, which he considers unnecessary, alleging that this is being used by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his own benefit, wasting the nation’s dollars to have his seat in the UN and likewise to please him. the international elites, meanwhile, the only thing Canada gets with foreign aid is to please the United Nations, forgetting that it really has to help its people.

Likewise, Bernier says that Canada spends $ 5 billion each year on programs to help other countries, but the case of foreign aid is weak. Similarly, the conservative gives his point of view and states that those countries that have emerged from poverty have done so because they have moved away from socialist policies while those who are still poor are those in which their government clings to the idea of crushing private initiatives and as long as they do not abandon the system that is destroying them, no help they receive from other nations will make a real difference, otherwise, it creates a dependency and in the same way keeps those rulers in power , so with this it could be said that foreign aid is not really the right thing, since it harms the countries that receive such aid and above all the nations that give it, in this case, Canada.

It is necessary to adopt free markets, free trade and likewise private property rights. Coupled with this, it is necessary to eliminate foreign aid, which only grants the tax dollars to other countries while the Canadians keep fighting, which is certainly not fair.

Bernier proposes a foreign policy that focuses on the safety and prosperity of Canadians, using the money that would be used to help other nations to cut taxes or help Canadians in some way.

If Canada really wants to help other nations, it must focus on basic humanitarian efforts during emergencies as well as health crises, major conflicts, and natural disasters.

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