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Ed Willes: DiPietro embraces Canucks' challenge, pressure, keeping life 'simple'

Author: James Alexander Michie

Michael DiPietro is only 19 years old and around the dressing room of the Vancouver Canucks in 2018 Young Stars Classic has said that each player represents a unique story and therefore is not different from anyone, which is true to some extent, now we must know a little more about him to understand why he is right only to a certain extent.

DiPietro lost his mother when he was 5 years old, as a result, he and his father saw themselves in the task of moving forward together and a fact that is important to emphasize is that DiPietro from a very young age faced a decision making which is not It was easy and that in the same way is not a story that everyone can count on.

It is said that DiPietro is many things, including an elite prospect for the Canucks as well as being unique and likewise it is necessary to say that he is the sum total of all those experiences that gave form to him, but it is also worth noting that everything previous does not diminish the power that your story has. Despite everything he has gone through during his life, DiPietro is grateful for everything he has achieved and also expresses “For me, it has been a road with many ups and downs, inside and outside the ice”, besides “But I would not change anything ” There are many people who have contributed to my success. and my father has always been my best friend. I have been blessed. ”

No doubt as DiPietro has said his father has been his best friend, after the death of his mother his father has become a pillar for the young man who has helped him overcome all adversities.

Now, his father has also expressed his ideas about the young DiPietro and similarly he has said “It’s something incredible, but (Michael) has the character and the perseverance, I think a lot of that had to do with losing his mother to an early age and that the two of us grew up together. ”

Likewise, the young man on the road has earned praise for his work ethic, character and leadership qualities, which has also allowed others to express themselves about him. On the one hand Canucks player development director, Ryan Johnson said “He has some confidence that goalkeepers need and has a presence over him” while on the other hand the GM of Windsor Warren Rychel expressed “Everyone talks about their height (DiPietro is six feet tall, which is the main reason why he fell to the Canucks in the third round of the 2017 draft), but I can tell you this, “he added.” The bigger the game, the better it plays. ”

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