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Machines will do more than half the work by 2025, report predicts

Author: James Alexander Michie

According to reports it is predicted that in 2025, the machines will be responsible for doing more than half of the work, despite this, it has been said that more bacchants will be created for new jobs, but we will have to retrain people, he says. the World Economic Forum.

It is also understood that all tasks in the workplace in 2025 will be largely carried out by machines, according to a report by organizers of the economic forum in Davos which expresses the speed with which the labor market will change in the next years. According to the World Economic Forum, the machines could use up to 52 percent of the division of labor as a percentage of hours in approximately seven years, compared to the current 29 percent. By 2022, according to the report, approximately 75 million jobs will be lost worldwide, but that could be more than offset by the creation of 133 million new jobs.

Now a member of the board of directors of WEF, Saadia Zahihi expressed, “By 2025, most of the tasks in the workplace today will be done by machines or algorithms, at the same time, a greater number of new jobs, “he added.” Our research suggests that neither companies nor governments have fully understood the size of this key challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. ”

Similarly, the WEF said that the challenges for employers include enabling remote work, building safety nets to protect workers and also providing training to employees. However, the report found that only one in three respondents planned to rescue workers at risk.

In addition to this, despite the positive net growth of employment, the WEF anticipates a “significant change in the quality, location, format, and permanence of new roles.” Companies must expand the use of contractors for specialized tasks, involve workers in arrangements more flexible, use remote staff, and change locations to access the right talent. ”

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