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James Alexander Michie
Karlsson-Hoffman James Alexander Michie

Court records reveal how events unfolded before Karlsson-Hoffman dispute became public

Author: James Alexander Michie

Unknown court documents emerged which were obtained by the newspaper The Province, in which it is stated that for a period of time a woman who has been accused of an online harassment campaign against Melinda Karlsson has been given the task of clearing her name previously of a date already established in the court that will establish if Karlsson is forced to expose any evidence against him. It should be noted that Monica Caryk, who is the defendant in this dispute, continues to deny having harassed Melinda Karlsson.

Likewise, in June it was reported for the first time that Melinda Karlsson had made a request to obtain an order of protection against Monica Caryk, alleging that she received harassment and cyberbullying from her. In addition, Karlsson stated that Caryk longed for his death in addition to his unborn child and similarly added that the woman wanted to take the legs off her husband to end his career. While on the other hand, Caryk started a legal process saying that the Karlsson must provide strong evidence to justify the reasons why they would believe that she was the one in charge or involved in the harassment campaign they claim to have received. Similarly, it has been said that the accusations that Caryk has received have resulted in significant and irreparable damage to the well-being and reputation of Caryk and that in fact, this could pose a threat to his safety.

Notably, Caryk has denied harassing Karlsson through the media and likewise under oath in a court filing and deposition and in fact on one occasion while being aggressively interrogated by Karlsson’s lawyer, he could not contain his emotions and for consequently broke into tears.

Added to this, Karlsson assured that the harassment went back to November of 2017, nevertheless according to Caryk it says that it was informed of said accusations in March of 2018. Likewise, it is also important to mention that the request for the protection order was never delivered Caryk and that same was not approved in court, in fact, no order was made. Investigations started by the police force, however, to date, no criminal charges have been brought against Caryk.

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