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Donald Trump confirms Star story on his secret bombshell remarks about Canada

Author: James Alexander Michie

US President Donald Trump again causes a stir and this time he has confirmed a story in a newspaper, Star, which refers to his secret observations with Canada. Likewise, the negotiations between the United States and Canada have taken on a dramatic tone after the Toronto Star got secret fiery declarations from Trump.

According to sources, Donald Trump would have said that a potential NAFTA agreement with Canada would be “totally in accordance with our conditions.”

On Friday morning, a high-level meeting was held, in which the delegates of Justin Trudeau confronted the Trump delegates due to the leaked appointments and that the comments seen would be considered as a strong suspicion that EE. UU He genuinely was not trying to commit himself. Of course, as expected, the words of the US president caused a stir and brought a storm in the American media.

A fact that seems incredible is that at the end of the day the US president making reference to Star’s report would have said that he agreed with the leak because thanks to that Canada already really know what his feelings are but in the same way I declare that the leak It was a violation of his trust. It’s no surprise that the United States and Canada did not reach an agreement on Friday’s informal deadline, but still, talks would have been scheduled for Wednesday.

Similarly, Trump offered a statement to Bloomberg News where he said he was not making any agreement with Canada and that he could not make public statements in the same way since it would be so insulting that they could not reach an agreement. In addition, the US president said: “Here is the problem, if I say no, the answer is no, if I say no, you will put it on and it will be so insulting that they will not be able to reach an agreement … I can not kill this people. ”

Take a read: https://www.thestar.com/amp/news/world/2018/08/31/bombshell-leak-to-toronto-star-upends-nafta-talks-in-secret-so-insulting-remarks-trump-says-he-isnt-compromising-at-all-with-canada.html

Source: Daniel Dale | THE STAR

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