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Author: James Alexander Michie

There are those who think that when reference is made to the “environmental review”, it is a matter of reviewing the state of the environment and how it is found, but they are wrong about their opinion. According to some people, this simply means that the real objective of the environmental review is to increase time in addition to space, thus facilitating the opposition to engineer new objections and incite new protests.

In fact, it is said that the process has more value than the project since the revised invariably is usually less significant than the review itself.

Meanwhile, remember that the fact that under the mandate of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, if both trains and vehicles and airplanes work with complete green integrity, it is possible that Canada was like Kuwait, but it is not the fact since it is said that It really is the opposite.

If we remember Fort McMurray, which is a population center, technically classified as an urban service area, located in the northeast of Alberta, in the middle of the oil sands of Athabasca. It has played a significant role in the progress of the national oil industry, but in addition, it was killed by a severe forest fire in May 2016, which resulted in the evacuation of its residents and caused widespread damage. What remains for the same after the aforementioned fire, but in addition to this, various floods, the fracture of the court and the global costs? According to some people what has been left so alone is a plague of frogs and lobsters accompanied by a possible solar eclipse.

Similarly, while Chrystia Freeland returned from Europe and Ukraine to Washington, to respond to the invitation of US President Donald Trump and catch up with their Mexican “partners”, she and her team were trying to protect free trade and likewise To appease Trump and his anger, Alberta learned that there was no way for her to trade her oil. However, it is possible that Freeland can do something about the nation and its interests, but it is still not safe, despite this there is something that is certain, the disorder that was established in Canadian politics in addition to provincial relations, It will not be an easy task to solve.

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Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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