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Author: James Alexander Michie

A survey of Abacus Data has been conducted regarding the legalization of marijuana in Canada and it seems that according to the data that has been released, Canadians are ready for the marijuana in their nation to be finally legalized, even if their governments are not.

It was also found that a solid majority of respondents in all age groups and in all regions said they could support or at least “accept” the framework that takes effect October 17. Even 54 percent of conservative voters said they could support or accept legal weeds.

It should be noted that about three years ago, marijuana was a major front in what was known as a war of survival for Stephen Harper, a premonitory announcement invited Canadians to “imagine selling marijuana like cigarettes and alcohol,” and without further analysis, he declared Justin Trudeau “in his head”. Weeks earlier in the election, Harper declared marijuana “infinitely worse” than tobacco.

For his part, Peter Kent, who is a conservative and parliamentarian, expressed that the marijuana retail trade would be “practically the same as putting fentanyl in a shelf within reach of children.”

Meanwhile it is known that the provinces that plan to offer marijuana as well as cigarettes and alcohol include Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario, which are led by conservatives, where Prime Minister Doug Ford ended up with a timid state pattern that was raised under the previous Liberal government and likewise gave rise to new conformities, where it was established that there would be no limit only to the number of graduates from the private sector but, subject to municipal cancellation, a joint could be smoked anywhere to smoke a cigarette.

However, there is still some resistance and that was the occasion for a special meeting on Tuesday, where the City Council of Markham, Ontario, approved a regulation that restricts the consumption of marijuana in private residences.

Source: Chris Selley | National Post

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