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Birthplace doesn't necessarily guarantee citizenship, feds argue at Supreme Court

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is suggested that the place of birth should not necessarily guarantee citizenship, so now the federals are arguing in the Supreme Court. Likewise, the International Law does not require that babies born in Canada must automatically have the nationality of that country.

During the last few years, Canada has modified or canceled the automatic birthright as well as other countries where Australia and Great Britain can be highlighted.

Now a case has arisen in which two babies born in Canada are involved, of which their parents are Russian spies. Similarly, federal lawyers minimize the concept of automatic citizenship by presenting the reasons why the government does not consider Alexander and Timothy Vavilov as the best decision to give Canadian citizenship, who, as has already been mentioned, are descendants of agents of Russian intelligence.

Also according to the federal presentation, it has been said “Indeed, no European countries, for example, grant an unqualified automatic citizenship by birth and they have no obligation to do so” together with it “Only 34 countries grant the automatic acquisition of citizenship through birthplace regardless of parents’ nationality or status. This practice is not consistent and uniform enough to ground to rule of customary international law. ”

Meanwhile, the Conservatives passed a political resolution in which it was suggested that it was necessary to enact laws to eliminate citizenship by birth “unless one of the parents of the child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada”. Similarly, the leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer has not remained silent on the subject, quite the opposite, in fact, has said that one of the objectives is to end the practice of women who are heading to Canada to give birth to your baby that as a result would automatically be granted Canadian citizenship.

On the other hand after the resolution was approved, Mathieu Genest, who is spokesman for the Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, expressed “Shame to see the Conservatives going back down the path established by the Harper government, which seeks to strip away the citizenship of people who have only ever known Canada as a home. ”

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/birth-tourism-citizenship-supreme-court-1.4815898

Source: Jim Bronskill | CBC News

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