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James Alexander Michie | Justin Trudeau

James Alexander Michie | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures while inspecting NATO troops as he visits Adazi military base in Kadaga, Latvia, on Tuesday. (Roman Koksarov/Associated Press)

Author: James Alexander Michie

Currently, according to new figures from NATO, Canada spends 1.23% of GDP on military spending and defense of the nation despite the fact that NATO asks its members to reserve two percent of its gross domestic product for cats in defense.

US President Donald Trump, has attacked several nations that are part of NATO and has been really displeased with that they spend less than 2% suggested since 2014 in defense, claiming that the United States has spent up to more than 2% in that subject, which for him is disturbing and you see it unfair. However, the demanding allies comply with the established parameter, which for Trump has become a mantra and has been repeating for a long time but also has not been the first US president to emphasize this issue.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, told journalists at the end of a bilateral visit to Latvia that there are no plans to double the defense budget and that Canadian troops will remain until 2023. In addition, in a Lightning tour of the NATO base in Adazi, Prime Minister Trudeau met with troops from eight countries and said that what was being demonstrated with that battle group is that NATO is not only a relic of the past, but that the It is an essential element as a future is built based on shared values ​​and that membership in it is much more than dollars and cents.

He also said that the different nations that are part of NATO, are training and learning together developing a level of interoperability that goes beyond military tactics and skills, in the case of growth together, thus being a strong alliance.

President Trump has given himself the task of trying to force the allies to pay, in addition to declaring that NATO has not treated the US fairly. UU., However, believes that the situation can be resolved.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-latvia-visit-nato-1.4740098

Source: Murray Brewster | CBC News


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