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Venezuela Crisis James Alexander Michie

Useful lessons from Venezuela's crumbling populist economy: Don Pittis

Author: James Alexander Michie

Venezuela is a nation located in South America and that could be considered as a rich nation in various aspects, but despite this, the nation has been hit by a bad administration, an economic crisis that apparently only worsens with the passing of time and likewise an exodus rate that keeps increasing day after day. Many politicians have expressed concern about the unfortunate situation that Venezuelans are going through, among them was Bob Rae, who was the interim leader of the federal Liberals as well as being the only provincial leader of the New Democratic Party who became the prime minister of Ontario Through the social network Twitter, Rae expressed his concern about all the events that have taken place over the last few years with Venezuela, and in a tweet he said “The crisis in Venezuela has created more than two million refugees, an economic chaos unparalleled and great difficulties for the people of a country that seemed to have everything in their favor” he added, ” I need to learn how this happened. ”

Now it is necessary to mention that in Venezuela previously emerged a political leader very recognized in the world and that already passed away, Hugo Chávez, who is 1998 was elected for the first time as president and under his mandate made in December 1999 a referendum surged a new constitution in addition to a change in the official name of country, before it was called as the Republic of Venezuela, but then came to be called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in honor of the liberator of the nation, Simón Bolívar.

During Chávez’s rule the country was divided into two political tendencies, the government trend known as Chavismo and the trend of the Opposition that still persists and over time has increased due to mismanagement by the government. During Chávez’s term of office, he called his policy a “Bolivarian Revolution,” which lasted 19 years and ended with the tranquility of Venezuelans, so that today they must escape from their nation leaving behind their families, jobs and especially their country that of course despite the situation continue to love.

Chávez months before leaving for Cuba due to his illness, by means of a national broadcast he asked his followers to choose Nicolas Maduro as president of the nation if in that case, he died and likewise after the death of Chávez in 2013, they took out a new election in which he was elected as the new president of Venezuela, Maduro, who has remained in power until today.

The crisis in Venezuela is worsening in such a way that it has been said that Venezuelans, especially the poor, are in worse conditions than before the popular election of the late president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

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Source: Don Pittis | CBC News

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