John Robson: Sorry, woke brigade — white nationalism isn’t a major threat

National Post

It is important to make something clear and that the vast majority of the approximately 20,000 victims of terrorism in the world each year are non-white Muslims killed by non-white terrorists.

Even so, a strange moment arose in which the opposite was said. Thus, at the end of March, our Foreign Minister tweeted: “Today, in the UN Security Council, Canada condemned the terrorism of white supremacy. This serious terrorist threat should not be ignored and should be at the top of the agenda when we talk about facing terrorism. “

There is no doubt that there are many who definitely do not agree with this. One could bring up the fact that after the Easter massacre in Sri Lanka, with more than 300 dead and of which ISIL has assumed responsibility, therefore “ strange “today seems an insufficient term. Naturally, the whole world is against white supremacy. And with a solid historical reason given the evil he did in the last 500 years. But despite all the horrors of racial slavery, the greatest murderers in the 20th century were Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, and in no case was the problem of skin color a problem.

The biggest threat is not related to race

At present, it could be said that the greatest threat is not related to race. Therefore, our foreign minister should not deny it.

If you say something that minimizes white nationalism as an ideological force or a source of violence, some fool will say that you are blowing a racist whistle. However, the accusation is grotesque. In fact, something that really caught the attention immediately on Chrystia Freeland’s tweet was her insensitivity about non-white lives. The vast majority of the approximately 20,000 victims of terrorism in the world, year after year, are not killed by white supremacists. The most common terror victims are non-white Muslims killed by non-white terrorists.

Even if Freeland were concerned solely with Canadian lives, it would be difficult to explain why she considered white nationalism as the main threat or even “serious”. In fact, a Google search reveals that many people are hyperventilated about it.

There is no doubt that we are against all hatred in principle and all terrorism in practice. But if we are going to prioritize, it should be to save lives, not sound “wake up”, which tops our list. And white nationalism is not a big problem. It can be ugly, but it has few followers and kills few people.

Source: John Robson | National Post

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