Justin Trudeau, imposter

Justin Trudeau James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Trudeau in his Centre Block office in Ottawa on Dec. 8, 2016. (Adam Scotti/PMO)

The prime minister is strongly criticized for the various events that happen with respect to his government. In fact, it has been said that the falsity of the management of the SNC-Lavalin file by Trudeau is a trait that shows the Canadian people too often.

It should be noted that the former Attorney General is quite good, according to the story, however, it is considered that she does not really understand how the world works. And is that the goal of amending the Criminal Code to establish deferred prosecution agreements (DPA) was to make that option, a kind of negotiated fine instead of a trial for fraud and bribery, available to SNC-Lavalin. In this way, if the option was available, why not use it, since jobs were at stake. The elections were at stake. First an election in Quebec last fall, then a federal election this fall.

In such a way, because of this, it could drag the SNC to a trial in a court, long after the individual executives who actually made some fraud and bribery have fled the company.

A fraud

It is no secret to anyone that the government of Canada told a story to itself and another to Canadians. Being that for themselves, they said they were protecting jobs. While for Canadians, they said they were getting tough. This government undoubtedly indulges in such a sustained double conversation clearly thinks it has something to hide. No doubt it is being completely false because most of them never stop calling themselves #TeamTrudeau on Twitter. For this reason, there are those who consider that therefore without fear of contradictions, one could say that the Prime Minister of Canada has been the false boss.

Added to this, it has been uncovered, since if Trudeau is now saying that his only priority was to save jobs, it is because they caught him. So if he refuses to say out loud what a majestic procession of liberal minions told Wilson-Raybould behind closed doors, who was especially interested in saving liberal jobs in consecutive years of elections, it’s because that’s the kind of who he is Likewise, he achieved a major change in criminal proceedings, while a large company faced charges, and described as an offensive what in reality was an escape hatch, because he did not dare to simply say what he wanted.

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Source: Paul Wells | Maclean’s

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