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Author: James Alexander Michie

After Maxime Bernier left his previous party, he has seen the freedom to express what he really thinks about a great diversity of issues and areas, and the politician has created a real opportunity for Canadians to challenge nature partisan of the debate regarding health care during the next electoral campaign. Ultimately, Mr. Bernier’s resignation from the conservative party has finally given him the freedom to say what he thinks and should be heard due to his plans for Canada since, as founder of the new People’s Party of Canada, he is betting on that Canadians feel frustrated enough with respect to the health care system to opt for the prime minister.

Bernier showed part of his health care policy, which is surely a central principle of his 2019 electoral platform. As he did during his unsuccessful bid for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party, Bernier proposed the replacement of federal health transfers with points tax authorities of equivalent value. In the same way, the politician wants the federal government to disengage itself from medical care completely, thus devolving responsibility exclusively to the provinces.

This transforms without doubt as a somewhat audacious position and a risky tactic. Bernier’s suggestion could be exactly what Canada needs to finally have an honest conversation about health care reform.

Now it is necessary to emphasize that the Canadian population over time has more than doubled in size, life expectancy has grown and the aging society has led to greater use and expense of medical care. Combined, these factors have contributed to what could be termed as a current health care crisis.

Although the holders of anti-multiculturalism and the immigration positions linked to Bernier attract the most attention, it could be considered that he has a point and could even be right about the quality of Canadian medical care that is lagging behind other nations of high income.

In the same way, he could be right about wanting to reduce the influence of the federal government on medical care. As it stands, Ottawa simply transfers money to the provinces and allows them to decide how to manage care, in fact, a health care system financed entirely by the provinces could lead to better planning for the future since provincial governments would no longer be there. subject to the uncertainty of changes in federal health transfers.

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Source: Adam Kassam | The Globe and Mail

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