Incredibly, some in the media want to repeat the second quarter’s 32.9% plunge in GDP. Democrats and their media allies have trapped themselves in a contradiction. They are deploring Thursday’s grim second-quarter GDP report even as they demand a repeat of the lockdown that caused the economic catastrophe. What do they […]

Parliamentaru Budget Officer Yves Giroux The Post Millennial | James Alexander Michie

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux had said that he had faith the projects existed, but that there needed to be more transparency around their existence. Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna was cited by the Parliamentary Budget Office yesterday for “missing details” on thousands of public work projects, which have likely caused […]

Gold Bar Closeup SchiffGold | James Alexander Michie

Gold broke through $1,900 on Friday morning and kept pushing upward, setting an all-time record during Asian trading hours on Monday. Gold was trading as high as $1,944 an ounce early Monday. The previous record price for gold came in the third quarter of 2011 at just over $1,920 an […]