Imagine if Donald Trump held a press conference admitting to directly colluding with Russia in the 2016 US election, but then said it wasn’t actually a problem because he simply ‘experienced’ the concept of ‘collusion’ differently than other people. Justin Trudeau’s “unique selling proposition” in the 2015 Canadian election was […]

I have written several times on the vast difference between managing and leading. Managing is about “stuff’, budgets, inventory, buildings, executing plans, etc. Leading is about people and only about people. Simply put, if you’re doing it for your business it’s managing. If you’re doing it for your people then […]

Canola Shipments China James Alexander Michie

Trade tensions increase between China and Canada. In fact, they have increased much more because the license of Richardson International, which is a major Canadian exporter, was revoked its registration to send canola. That’s right, the important Canadian canola exporter has his registration revoked to send canola seeds to China. […]