Rex Murphy: Police officers deserve our gratitude

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Police stand guard at the Homan Square Chicago National Post | James Alexander Michie

Police stand guard at the Homan Square police station while activists hold a rally calling for the defunding of police, in Chicago on July 24. SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES

It is clear that under the circumstances, it is necessary to show the police officers our gratitude. It is certainly to be admired that so many police officers have restrained themselves as well as they have and are still on the job.

Likewise, we must not leave aside the medical staff, X-ray technicians, receptionists, nurses, maintenance personnel, cleaners, in short, all those who in any way have maintained the most essential services during this pandemic. This being the case, it is important to return a warm greeting to the police services. Although there are some individual cases and encounters that are under criticism and investigation, it could be said that for the general disposition of our police, their willingness to respond and operate in a very difficult time, they mainly manage to suffer the abuse and remain. Therefore, some recognition of his overall professionalism is more than deserved.

Notably, the Canadian police have not been under the same kind of nasty duress that many of the police forces have in certain American cities.

Undeniable complexity

During its riots and riots in CHAZistan, Seattle showed what happens when police are denied the full use of their tactics to quell riots and seek order. Police did not leave downtown Seattle entirely, but they were paralyzed. The information on much of the protests has been deliberately blind or simply the other way around. The shortest clips of Chicago news in recent months tell a wicked story.

Without a doubt, cities are suffering from serious disruption. Being that business owners live in fear. Innocent people are harassed and, in some cases, beaten by thugs for carrying incorrect signage. And in too many cases, leading politicians, from mayors to governors to congressmen and women, deliberately hide the violence and illegal behavior of the “protesters” and agree or actively advocate their demands to “abolish the police”.

Now, it is worthy of admiration that so many police officers have restrained themselves as well as they have and remain on the job. Taking into account that police officers are flawed, they are also known to be primarily decent men and women, with more courage and stamina than most of us.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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