Rex Murphy: Scheer and Trudeau both continue their tiresome climate charades

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is joined by Finance Minister Bill Morneau National Post | James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is joined by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna as he announces the government has reapproved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, on June 18, 2019, on Parliament Hill. Sean Kilpatrick/CP

It has been said that it is established as a fiction and an illusion that Canada, in any way, will now or always be a significant influence, for better or for worse, in the “fight against climate change”.

In this way, the influence of Canada on the future climate of the entire planet is incidental and trivial. Since it has been referred to we are like a stick among the redwoods. This is recognized. And, if we manage to stop all the energy production of this country, the race towards the eco-apocalypse in which the traffickers of the law say that we are, would not be delayed in a week. The coal mines of India and China would take care of that.

Even so, we are not contemplating any of that. Instead, the liberal government has instituted an energy tax on the well that, according to the most optimistic projections, will hardly affect the nation’s overall energy use. It should be noted that its key element of approval is that any benefit of the newly approved Trans Mountain pipeline if it is built, is launched to the “green projects” chosen by the liberals.

A crusade against carbon dioxide

It should be noted that it has proposed projects with a goal, to end the oil industry that provided them with money. This week’s announcement prompted the Liberal government to promise to eliminate the oil industry with the industry’s own money. The economy encounters assisted death.

For his part, Scheer, like Justin Trudeau, had to prove that he also has a plan to fulfill the sacred commitments of Paris and join the crusade against carbon dioxide wherever it takes him.

In fact, both “plans” are considered trivial. Being that they address a global problem that Canada does not have the least competition to solve. Both are pious and cowardly concessions to the mentality that not being seen talking or “taking measures to confront climate change” would put them out of the “sanctified” political position of “concern” for the planet. They have the sole purpose of appeasing: to appease the outspoken international ecologist, the perpetually agitated savers of the radical environmental world, such as nomads of anti-capitalism like Naomi Klein, and, finally, to avoid the disturbances of California ecologists. like Neil Young.

Consequently, it could be said that here is the final result of the double charade this week. Trudeau had to say yes, how sad is this, to a pipe. And Scheer had to show that he knows where Paris is and worries about global warming. It was a pre-election dance for both of us.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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