Rex Murphy: Spare us the yoga-mat mantras about the environment and the economy

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Trudeau and Mckenna on James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks about the Liberal government's new federally imposed carbon tax, while Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Finance Minister Bill Morneau listen from behind him, at Humber College in Toronto on Oct. 23, 2018. Nathan Denette/CP

There are many things that could be saved for Canada, as well as yoga-mat mantras about the environment and the economy. And is that increasingly the simplistic slogans of the liberals are fueling a radical campaign. To top it all it has cost Canada billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs

The same words of Catherine McKenna

“The environment and the economy go hand in hand.” — The Minister of the Environment, Catherine McKenna, February 23, 2018

“The environment and the economy go hand in hand.” -The Minister of the Environment, Catherine McKenna, March 10, 2018

It is notorious that, for the crossed climate minister and his environmental superhero, “Clark” Trudeau, the environment and the economy are half of a project. Being that they go together and in turn in their most favored formulation, they go “hand in hand.”

Concepts perhaps too broad

It should be noted that perhaps the concepts are too broad, complex and extraordinarily diverse. How to get to try to assign a one-to-one equivalence. If we analyze, we could consider that the environment is practically all there is. Without including you. Unless you are part of the environment of others. While for its part, although the economy is not as infinite as its companion in this spurious equation, it is composed of millions or billions of subordinate elements and interactions.

Again reference is made to the current simplism, as well as the slogan of Mrs. McKenna. Since it tries to pass itself off as a topic, an evident axiom, an impossible to achieve correspondence, equal and mutual between two of the most intricately dynamic and diverse systems known to people.

However, this is not established as a surprise, since many consider that the current government is based on simplicity. That being the case, its natural language. And it is that reality cannot be captured in a yoga-mat motto. Far from the hand, the economy and the environment will always be in a strong tension, sometimes in a really difficult opposition.

Meanwhile, it could be said that whether it is explanatory or descriptive of the dynamics of a modern industrial nation, it is a simplistic problem.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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