Rex Murphy: The Liberals’ 2050 net-zero carbon vow is pure delusion

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg National Post | James Alexander Michie

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg before a "climate strike" march in Montreal on Sept. 27, 2019. Andrej Ivanov/Reuters

In his fervor desperate to scare the images of Justin Trudeau in blackface, this week the liberal campaign took him out in a more familiar way, paddling in a sweet lake and returning to the only element of his brand fiercely “awakened”. PM Superman climate, not tattered.

It has been said that he may have given up costumes and cosmetics, but from this little parable in the film, it became clear that the campaign for the photoshoot is still in the liberal arsenal. It was the liberal campaign’s way of pointing out that there was still some gas (so to speak) in the credentials of Trudeau’s global warming. It did not seem to matter that the liberal commitments to reduce carbon emissions had not been fulfilled, as CO2 is now designated, since Jean Chrétien first made them in 1997, until now.

Nor did that broken record stop the campaign of another promise, an extravagant promise of zero net emissions by 2050, whose achievement is a fantasy or a fraud.

Irregular history

You might think that a government that has a very irregular record with respect to its 2015 promises would distrust any new vote, particularly one whose expiration date is 31 years.

But on global warmings, such as the spontaneity of the problem, and the ooze of justice that surrounds it, that politicians are granted all kinds of licenses to make promises that not only have no hope of fulfilling, but will be long, long. , outside the office, or even passed to the exquisite atmosphere of the sky, or to the more sulfurous atmosphere of the other place, when the time comes to verify your history. Thus, it can be said that the promise of 2050 is pure illusion.

That being the case, many people feel comfortable with delusions when it comes to global warming.

No doubt this climatic frenzy is sanctified by irrationalism. When leaders and adults voluntarily give submission to children, when they voluntarily hand over leadership to the immature, when teachers become students of their students, a great investment is upon us.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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