‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’ Voters have reason to worry.

The New York Times
Donald Trump 2020 Campaign The New York Times | James Alexander Michie

President Trump in June at the launch of his 2020 campaign in Orlando, Fla. Damon Winter/The New York Times

It has been emphasized that voters have reasons to worry. And there are many people who consider and almost claim that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, could be re-elected.

In this way, it is appropriate to mention that, during some presidential debates in June, many of the Americans were surprised by some of the things they heard there.

And it is surprising that so many candidates want to get rid of private health insurance that covers about 250 million Americans and has “Medicare for all” in place.

In addition, many are ready to decriminalize illegal entry into the United States. Likewise, it is necessary to point out the number of people who helped provide comprehensive health coverage to undocumented immigrants. This being so, it is necessary to bring to mind how weak was the response of runner Joe Biden to the attack of Kamala Harris and the more extreme ideas promoted by those on his left.

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Before everything that was heard in presidential debates in June, it is really not so surprising to hear so many people expressing fear that Donald Trump could be re-elected, and that he was even watching his voter turnout.

In this way, Democrats should not sit idly by, and it has been said that they should simply act and in this way nominate a decent and healthy person, committed to the reunification of the country and creating more good jobs. A person who can get the support of the independents, the moderate Republicans and the women of the suburbs. Without a doubt, that candidate could win.

Clearly, it has been four years of Trump feeling validated in everything he has done and said. Four years of Trump without the need to run for re-election and amplify their racism, make Ivanka the secretary of state, appoint even more crazies to his cabinet and probably appoint two judges of the Supreme Court right-of-minor. 40

Consequently, it is considered that this will undoubtedly be an overthrow of all the norms, values, rules and institutions that Americans appreciate, all that made them who they are and that has similarly united them in this common project called the United States.

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Source: Thomas L. Friedman | The New York Times

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