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Party unity the theme of Conservative convention as Scheer faces challenges from within: Chris Hall

Because leader Andrew Scheer faced challenges stemming from controversial policies and the separation of an MP from the party, the theme of the conservative convention is the unity of the party since Scheer has been facing internal challenges.

There really were no reasons for the need for party unity in the conservative policy convention, however, due to all the challenges that Scheer has been facing, it is necessary, in such a way that it has become the theme outstanding in Halifax after the leader faced a challenge from his previous opponent for the first position in addition to some representatives who want to open the way to the prohibition of abortion. Due to the events that occurred, during the opening speech that Scheer gave to the attending representatives, I sponsor the unit as a priority point saying “Definitely, we are a big, strong and united national conservative party and next year, we will be a government strong and stable national conservative majority”. Despite this, not everyone is of the same opinion, since in fact Maxime Bernier just one day before left Scheer and the party for being intellectually corrupt.

Similarly, the last section of the speech was a deliberate lifting of the line that Stephen Harper used earlier in 2011, after giving the first majority victory in two decades to the conservatives.

Now, with an emphasis on the issue of abortion, this has kept causing a great impact on people and in the same way it keeps dividing Canadians, besides it is necessary to mention that this issue has separated social conservatives and prosecutors within the party.

Due to the consequences of the abortion prohibition, it has been said that it is also a weapon against conservatives and therefore according to Scheer, the job of a leader is to keep the party and the unit in it, since that before the situation has clarified “I have made it very clear, I will not open this type of divisive social issues again. We have a variety of views in our party, a variety of views in our caucus. We are not going to reintroduce this type of legislation that would divide our caucus and divide the Canadians”.

Meanwhile, everything points to the fact that the members of the party, both Scheer, and deputies, and delegates, agree that the best and most effective way for the conservatives to return to power is linked to economic issues.

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Source: Chris Hall | CBC News

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