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A government report was released, coming from the prime minister’s own department, in which special treatment is requested for all those immigrants who have entered the Canadian territory and it seems that they would become a priority to be hired over the Canadian citizens.

This report makes a special call for those small and medium-sized companies with the intention of being able to associate with the government in order to help immigrants to get a job, which has been called an “Impact Bond”. It also proposes that government subsidies be used to encourage companies to hire immigrants, which would similarly convert those companies, whether small or medium-sized, into social service agencies that work in conjunction with the Canadian government. a very complex project.

The proposal tries to ensure that immigrants get their first job in Canada, especially immigrant women, in addition, they should be promoted in their work. In return, the employer would receive a special monetary incentive after assigning jobs to immigrants and of course promoting them. But in order to receive such an incentive, they would have to work with government employees, employment agencies, and external evaluators, who would have the task of corroborating that the companies are complying with the planned and established plans.

According to the report “A monetary value would be assigned to each result, which would be paid to the employer once completed, and a third-party evaluator would control the number of successful results.”

Now, that report was issued at the beginning of the year and had not been denoted in reality, however, a reporter from Blacklock’s Reporter, Tom Korski, discovered it. the journalist has said that according to some this is not a government policy since it is only a proposal, despite this, it is somewhat alarming because, although it is only a proposal, it was written by government employees and was also published.

As expected, the news has already caused a great stir and there are those who have expressed their displeasure towards it since some people consider that the proposal is unacceptable since through it it would be establishing that immigrants are more deserving than the Canadians who already inhabit the nation.

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Source: Brian Lilley | Toronto Sun

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