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Maxime Bernier James Alexander Michie

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian businessman, lawyer, and politician, currently serving as a member of parliament for the Quebec Mount Beauce, having been elected four times with a majority of the votes. He is the current founder and leader of the People’s Party of Canada.

Likewise, Bernier, 55, who is the father of two teenagers, worked in law and finance. This was before starting the political career that for a time turned him into a kind of cult figure among the experts who love the free market and the people who use the phrase “dairy cartel”.

He possesses both physical and personal traits that make him stand out. He is tall, charismatic and comfortable in the spotlight, although a little softer in his native French than in English. Without a doubt, Bernier checks all the boxes that a retail politician must possess. And is that it feeds on the energy of a crowd, knows how to navigate a room and the supporters of the hands of those who are happy are warm and genuine.

During an autumn Saturday in the largest city in Canada, there are 4 people with different ideologies. A conservative, a liberal, a new Democrat and a political agnostic enter a library. The four sit in the upper meeting room of a branch of the Toronto Public Library with 15 strangers. It should be noted that some would attend only out of curiosity, others out of frustration with the political status quo and others out of the conviction of Maxime Bernier.

In the same room are present, Robert Macklem, who is a 23-year-old news addict. Bradley Ransom, who works in automobile manufacturing and wants to be “a good Canadian”. Chuck Black, a writer who thinks that nothing else can open Canada’s policy to new ideas. In addition to Brendan O’Carroll, who made a presentation to support “a genuine politician”.

But the question is, what does Bernier and his party mean for the people in that room?

For some of those who were in that room, the story of Bernier and his new People’s Party of Canada is one of the politicians with principles that are fed up with the political decisions driven by the polls. This seeks to undo the influence of special interest groups in government. It deals with supply management, corporate welfare and the Austrian School of Economics. It is a smaller government and individual freedom and a willingness to discuss controversial ideas.

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