By the numbers, the $3.5 trillion Biden budget is dizzying. If that weren’t staggering enough, the president’s budget places a nearly $70 trillion burden on the shoulders of American taxpayers over the next decade. Nearly $5.5 trillion would be diverted from the private sector to new government spending over the next 10 years, according to […]

Marty Makary on Tuesday accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of “cherry-picking” data and manipulating public health guidance surrounding vaccines and natural immunity to support a political narrative. Travis noted that the CDC’s guidance on COVID-19 is inconsistent with their vaccine recommendations for other contagious viruses. The current guidance for […]

If there was ever a time when this coronavirus could be contained, it has probably passed. Even when a much-anticipated vaccine arrives, it is likely to only suppress but never completely eradicate the virus. We will probably be living with this virus for the rest of our lives. Back in the winter, public-health officials were more […]