Vancouver Sun Reports Untruthfully and Irresponsibly on James Alexander Michie


In 2013, the Vancouver Sun newspaper published an article by David Baines that was not only misleading but also filled with fallacies about James Alexander Michie, in particular his association with Erwin Speckert. Much of the article was misleading and intentionally slanderous towards James Alexander Michie. Today, we specify three of the fictitious claims.

Fiction I

Erwin Speckert “fronted” on real estate investments for James Alexander Michie.

The BC Supreme Court made a finding of fact that the handling of the asset in question (real estate) by James Alexander Michie was inexplicable. Furthermore, the court found the evidence given by Erwin Speckert had no credibility due to him having no evidence to back up his claims and his obvious animous towards James Alexander Michie. (see below)

Fiction II

James Alexander Michie’s first wife claimed a fifty percent interest in real estate owned by his second wife.

James Alexander Michie’s ex-wife, who he separated from in 1995, made a claim in 2009 for an interest in Michie’s second wife’s (who Michie had married in 2004) real estate holdings. His ex-wife later dropped that claim in 2011.

The Vancouver Sun newspaper and David Baines misrepresented the true facts by misleading readers by stating Michie’s first wife was entitled to an interest in those properties.

Fiction III

James Alexander Michie was a client of Erwin Speckert.

Michie knew Erwin Speckert, as did countless others, but was NEVER a client of his. Any association ended in May 2006 when Speckert was terminated with cause by the company he worked for, of which James Alexander Michie was a director. Speckert was terminated for misappropriating 400,000 Swiss Francs from the company funds for his own use. Speckert positioned himself in the law suit as a way of causing harm to James Alexander Michie as retribution for this termination in May of 2006.

The legal case brought by James Alexander Michie’s first wife, Jodi Lynn Guthrie, was an absolute waste of time. Her case failed miserably and his child support obligations were reduced by 70% as a result of the trial. Moreover, Guthrie created her own obligation to pay him child support as Michie had custody of the only minor child (the older children were adults independent of their mother). In addition to the paltry amount of child support to be paid by James Alexander Michie ($16,000 CAD) at the end of trial, all other relief sought by his first wife was dismissed; and, as mentioned above, she was ordered to pay most of the judgment back to James Alexander Michie over the next calendar year after the trial.

This article was originally posted on James Alexander Michie’s new project, Twisted Truth.

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