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Toronto Stock Exchange | James Alexander Michie

Toronto Stock Exchange | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

The commercial war paralyzes the Canadian actions in the first semester of the year, but everything seems to indicate that they could increase. According to some experts and strategists, the Canadian stock market could increase much more this year than it did in 2017.

Several Canadian industries were affected by the operators who were contending with the appearance of an apparent trade war with the US. UU but the Canadian stocks started the year at a very low level, dragged by the volatility that shook the markets of the United States, however, they seem to be back and stronger during the last three months.

The Canadian market outperformed most major developed markets by increasing more than six percent in general. Also, everything indicates that Canadian stocks could recover despite fears of a trade war. According to strategists, pessimism must be out of place and investors should expect another year of positive performance

Similarly, the TSX index is forecast to increase more than eight percent in the second half of the year. This prediction places the gain of the index in this year in more than eight percent, being higher than six percent of 2017. On the part of other experts, an increase of almost five percent in the TSX that year is expected.

However, not all strategists and experts consider that Canadian stocks and markets operate with significant profits in the second half of the year.

Many consumers have observed that other markets may not have as many risks as the Canadian market, knowing that the Bank of Canada has raised interest rates three times. Meanwhile, it is possible that other sectors, such as energy and technology, can be well maintained for the remainder of the year in the TSX.

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Source: Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani | CBC News


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