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Trump regarded differently going into NATO summit | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

At the beginning of July 2017, Trump carried out a second trip abroad, in which a large part of the nation was expecting what the president intended to do and what his achievements would be. One year later, at the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump’s behavior and position are very different from what was observed last year, thus demonstrating and making clear what his management can achieve worldwide.

Likewise, it is causing a great impact on US relations with the world and clearly, everyone is watching, although Trump seems to have a mantra in the world, be against any suggestion or proposal.

In the same way, Trump has established himself to maintain “America first” and without a doubt, he has achieved it, but this could be considered as a disadvantage before other actions of the world. However, it has managed to tighten relations with a large number of key allies. Surprisingly, while the attention was caught by the June G7 summit, Trump criticized Justin Trudeau accusing the Canadian prime minister of taking advantage of the US. UU in terms of trade.

On the other hand, it has taken concrete measures to get out of various international agreements that would aim to combat climate change, reduce the nuclear threat and likewise strengthen the world market.

Emphasizing the mantra of Trump, always being “against”, for the US president it is not important to pursue peace and reconciliation, in fact, it seems that he is playing a dangerous game by giving great support to Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. Coupled with this, Trump is not interested in avoiding the disastrous commercial was seen in the era of the Great Depression.

Take a read: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/08/opinions/nato-summit-trump-is-changed-leader-opinion-zelizer/index.html

Source: Julian Zelizer | CNN


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