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Author: James Alexander Michie

Eric Grossman, who is Morgan Stanley’s chief lawyer, has a seat on the company’s management committee, a man of power in a bank in midtown Manhattan, and in addition, he seeks to overthrow the EE. UU. party system.

It tries to create a new party called Serve America Movement or SAM.

Despite the tax cuts and the reduction of regulation has positioned the large banks and corporations in those actually benefited, some executives get angry when the president abandons global agreements and threatens to start or support trade wars.

SAM, opposes the division really but clearly what it symbolizes is not yet clear. Their website does not clarify many questions that arise regarding immigration, reproductive rights or the health care system, as it emphasizes being harmless, which makes sense for a project backed by Morgan Stanley, a bank that has a style, particularly discreet politician.

In the same way, SAM considers that there must be a “Civil Dialogue” and that the general crisis is not a firearm.

It is important to highlight that the arrival of SAM in the political scene could not have been better, due to the controversial immigration policy of Trump, in which thousands of children were separated from their families who crossed the border illegally. On the other hand, SAM seeks to be more than a party backed by bankers and lawyers.

Take a read here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-07-02/a-morgan-stanley-star-wants-you-to-back-his-political-movement

Source: Sonali Basak and Max Abelson | Bloomberg


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