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Maxime Bernier is challenging orthodoxy. He deserves a civil reply: Neil Macdonald

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is said that the conservative parliamentarian Maxime Bernier is challenging orthodoxy as it has had several attempts to interrupt the same identity policy.

It is important to highlight that the deputy from Quebec where the people who belong there consider that both their language and their culture are something ennobling and likewise makes them deserve a special status in addition to protection which has been established as a problem in such a way that has become the biggest problem in the identity policy that Canada goes through so much that it is considered to almost bankrupt the country. Therefore, the deputy from Quebec stated that identity politics leads to an endless division of politics which implies that all those who believe that their ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexuality deserve special consideration.

Now the arguments established by Bernier are not an innovation because a similar case was established in the early 90s by Todd Gitlin who was a respected and recognized American in the political left of his nation, said character argument that the power lies in unity and irrelevance. We can also refer to a prominent feminist from Quebec, Maïr Verthuy, who in her view the fact that the young feminists were divided was a negative thing since it really hurt them, likewise she wanted unity and assured that in it and not in diversity, is that there was the strength.

However, Justin Trudeau does not share that opinion and instead considers that diversity is for good, likewise three years ago he said that diversity makes Canada strong and that it will take the nation forward.

Coupled with this, for Trudeau, white men advance by force of racial privileges, in addition, the merit is totally relative and that anyone who questions the growing demands of accommodation of diversity either by strict controls of speech, neologism, pronouns and euphemisms or by Recognition that ethnicity or sexuality grants a type of merit is due to the fact that it is surely a white revanchist enraged due to the disappearance of undeserved privilege. Now there are Canadians of goodwill who believe that despite Trudeau’s statements, Canada has core values that undoubtedly should be preserved in addition to a central Canadian identity.

On the other hand, there is also a group of Canadians who have been somewhat worried due to a topic raised by a woman at a political rally in Quebec, who questioned Trudeau and likewise called as an indulgent attitude allowing the increase of undocumented fleeing the US UU They have also crossed the border into Canada.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/maxime-bernier-tweets-1.4792134

Source: Neil Macdonald | CBC News


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