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Exodus of Saudi doctors a flashpoint in Canadian medical training

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is estimated that approximately 44 Saudi doctors in British Columbia conducting medical and surgical postgraduate training should return to their country of origin within a month under the orders of their government. In fact, they had to leave Canadian territory on August 31, but their government gave them a deadline until September 22 and in case they require more time to apply evaluations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons they will be given even more time, according to the University of British Columbia, a national agency that makes representation of academic hospitals in Canada in addition to others affected by the departure of Saudi doctors.

However, it is important to highlight that it is estimated that there are 1,000 Saudi doctors in Canada and that they must leave Canada as well, and in the same way, it is considered that this action taken by their government is a reprisal against Canada due to a tweet from Canada. Global Affairs of Canada in which some provocation was expressed by the fate of dissidents who face punishments like beheadings in Saudi Arabia, it must be clarified that this was not the only action taken in fact, to it is added the reduction of trade and a demand on the part of the Saudi Government that is worth the redundancy demands an apology of Canada reason why they consider like an interference in the subjects of human rights of that kingdom.

Likewise, the University of British Columbia and most of the medical schools of Canada established an agreement with Saudi Arabia as well as other rich nations of the Middle East in order to provide specialized training as well as clinical experience to said doctors from those nations. that they pay in their own way while they are in constant learning, provide care to patients and even teach university students. It should be noted that this training was sponsored by the nations of the Middle East.

Meanwhile various complaints have been received regarding the postgraduate training programs and how students from Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states who are considerably wealthy have the possibility to buy their postdoctoral training and otherwise the graduate students of schools of medicine in Canada should be seen in the task of getting a place among only 400 places of residence and that are likewise financed with public funds.
Likewise, it is considered that the government should reevaluate the situation and it is expected that due to it the medical schools give more opportunity to the Canadian graduates, besides it has been said that there are other ways to recover the income lost by the same situation. Also, a possible source of funding could be the Canadian army that has not been able to deploy troops to more places where they are necessary as a result of the lack of doctors to assist them.

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