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John Ivison: Bernier's move into 'karaoke Trump' territory threatens Conservative electoral success

Author: James Alexander Michie

Bernier continues to attract attention with his actions and it is important to note that he shared several tweets in which he seems to want to sully the leader of the conservative party Andrew Scheer who also continued talking about his positive conservative vision, but no one knew that was the same. In addition to this, he attended the administration of supplies where he has had no problem expressing himself and has also been a firm critic where he said: “Why my party is still defending the cartel and supporting the Liberal Trudeau by putting at risk the entire Canadian economy? “.

On the other hand, there are those who consider that the behavior that Maxime Bernier has had lately could be classified as erratic and irresponsible, but he shuts himself up claiming that “in politics to defend real conservative ideas” but also the behaviors that he is presenting can upset in such a way to Scheer that he could take action expelling him from the party.

Meanwhile, it has also been said that nobody would want to have a crisis in the party’s political convention in Halifax, despite this the caucus is angry and it would be good for several people to let Maxime Bernier know that he will also have to choose if he wants him to win Andrew Scheer or that Justin Trudeau wins.

There are those who claim that Bernier sees himself as a defender in the dispute against the domination of the prevailing opinion, even if that makes life uncomfortable for those interested, but that would not be the best since it is necessary to highlight that politics it is not a solitary combat and in the same way when making use of reflections as for the “cult of diversity” it leaves as a consequence its own contiguous damage, to this it is added that it has affirmed that it has firm opinions regarding immigration from long ago and similarly believes that Canada should be open to immigration.

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Source: John Ivison | National Post


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