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Brazil to send in officers after Venezuelan migrants attacked in border town

Author: James Alexander Michie

Pacaraima was the scene of violent events in which residents were involved as Venezuelan immigrants.

Venezuela has been affected by a severe economic and political crisis of such magnitude that it has forced its citizens to leave their nation across borders in search of a better future as well as a better quality of life. However, there have also been violent and criminal acts in which some of these immigrants have been involved, one of them took place precisely in Pacaraima, where a local store owner was the victim of a violent robbery in which he was stabbed and hit, from the same attack were responsible four Venezuelans, due to it on Saturday unleashed the fury on the residents who took action and really furious toured the city throwing rocks at the Venezuelans who were there in addition to it proceeded to burn their belongings.

As a result at least 1,200 Venezuelan immigrants were forced to flee from Pacaraima as they were the target of violence there and likewise crossed the border to return to Venezuela, staying in existing shelters or otherwise sleeping in tents, plazas, and streets.

Due to what happened, the Brazilian government plans to send members of a military-style police unit to Pacaraima, and it is stipulated that the Ministry of Public Security plans to send about 60 members of the elite national force and military style, however The ministry has not received calls to accurately give details of what will be done about it.

Meanwhile, it has been assured that the state of Roraima does not have the conditions to house all immigrants.

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Source: The Associated Press | CBC News


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