Jordan Peterson: Why the Western emphasis on individuals is the ultimate in intersectionality

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Jordan Peterson Diversity National Post | James Alexander Michie

Certainly, we basically assumed that each person was characterized by so many differences than any other person that it was better to focus solely on meritocratic selection.

It is necessary to refer to a Survey of Post Secondary Teachers and Researchers that was designed to evaluate what is known as “diversity” among the selected groups, as a result of the commitment of the three Canadian research concession boards, under the direction of the government liberal, to increase “Diversity” among those who receive funds. For a long time, research funding depended, to the extent possible, on two factors, both intensely meritocratic. Even so, it has been indicated that it seems to be about to change.

Referring to diversity, there are those who have listed it as a very slippery term. Likewise, “Diversity” is a word that, in appearance, disguises itself as something positive, because it is positive, in some of its manifestations.

Immutable features

There is no doubt that the Liberal government has always been a big fan of “diversity.”

Thus, it has been indicated that it is necessary that healthy organizations ally the tendency to preserve with the more liberal tendency to transform. This raises a question, where can diversity be found? Among the ideologists who promoted the “progressive” doctrine of which it is a part, which often includes “inclusion, equity, and intersectionality”, is a set of immutable characteristics that characterize different groups, such as race, sex and gender and sexual propensity.

Likewise, it seems that there are no limits, practically or philosophically, to the number of group memberships that must be taken into account

Without a doubt, there are real problems with this agenda. In this way, it could be mentioned that the first is that it is dangerous, exactly in the hypothetically designed way to fight. The argument of those who really have prejudices has always been that the differences between the groups are so great that discrimination, isolation, segregation and even open conflict, including war and genocide, are necessary for the security of any group in the Let them be a part.

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