Venezuela Politics James Alexander Michie

There are millions of Venezuelans who maintain a firm position with a cause, support Juan Guaidó and fight for a better country. And is that on Wednesday thousands of protesters left the streets of all of Venezuela, calling on President Nicolas Maduro in such a way to resign. The manifestation […]

Gold Outshines the S&P 500 in 2018 We believe that gold bullion and gold mining equities may be poised for a multi-year uptrend. Gold bullion beat U.S. equities for the month of December, the fourth quarter, and the full calendar year of 2018. Spot gold1 declined 1.58% versus the 4.39% drop […]

Ouroboros - James Alexander Michie

Washington, D.C. hosted tens of thousands of activists who disrupted traffic flows. They were given the task of touring the city without shouting slogans to anyone in particular. Possibly under the mistaken impression that his actions somehow make the narrative of history become in their favor. Likewise, the politics of […]

Venezuelan Anti-Government Protesters - James Alexander Michie

The tension has increased in Venezuela after the U.S. president backed Juan Guaido, a young leader of the opposition, who has declared himself the interim president of Venezuela. Likewise, the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, was sworn in on Wednesday as interim president of the Republic of Venezuela […]

Covington Catholic High School James Alexander Michie

No doubt many people rush to judge. And is that you can not expect that adolescents have correct reactions, while adults do not. When you could say that they clearly understand everything wrong. An example of this is with respect to the confrontation of the school of Covington, being that […]