It has been indicated that Michael Shellenberger is a person with the knowledge, passion, and credibility to move Trudeau. There is certainly a brilliant way to build Canada with cleaner energy and higher levels of prosperity. However, the reality is that unfortunately, it is not the way Prime Minister Justin […]

Alison de Groot, managing director of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association National Post | James Alexander Michie

The new liberal changes will disarm non-violent and law-abiding Canadians. Surely that is the goal and in fact, it always has been. Certainly, Canadian progressives see themselves, in contrast to conservatives, as influenced by the evidence. Better practices. Data. Last summer, a long-standing Canadian public policy debate turned head first […]

Petriglieri Learning MIT Sloan Management Review | James Alexander Michie

Learning at work is work, and we must make space for it. The event was running over, the car was waiting, but the keynote speaker did not seem to mind. He was enjoying fielding questions from a large auditorium packed to the rafters with executives, aspiring entrepreneurs, and management students. […]