The Black Knights of the Army are the athletic teams that represent the United States Military Academy. In sport contexts, teams are usually called simply Army. They participate in the IA Division of the NCAA as a non-footballing member of the Patriot League, an independent Division I Football Bowl Division […]

American Greatness James Alexander Michie

Today there is a question that everyone asks themselves and is that what happens with Europe? In this way, it is worth noting that despite all of President Trump’s distaste for insufficient deference to the US allies, Americans should be aware of the regrettable condition of Europe. It is necessary […]

The Post Millennial James Alexander Michie

Feminism is a heterogeneous set of political, cultural, economic and social movements whose objective is the search for equality of rights between men and women, and to eliminate the domination and violence of men over women and 6 of social roles according to the gender, in addition to social and […]

National Today CBC News James Alexander Michie

Journalism is a science and professional activity that, in general terms, consists of the collection and periodic treatment of information in any of its forms and varieties. As a discipline, journalism is generally located within the communication sciences, although in some countries it is ascribed to sociology. Likewise, it is […]