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John Ivison: Trudeau has to save the furniture on trade, if not the contents of the fridge

Author: James Alexander Michie

Donald Trump is a character who always captures attention with each of the actions he takes, several of them have been flattering to him while others have not, but in this case we will talk about a victory obtained by him and that is that the US president achieved that the Mexicans agreed to increase wages in the auto industry, which will be significant for the president in political disputes that produce cars such as Ohio and Michigan. Now, Trump wants to repeat such a victory in Wisconsin and in upstate New York, thereby forcing Canada to make concessions in the system that protects its dairy industry.

Meanwhile, there are those who are involved in the business area who say that a modernized trade agreement with the United States will surely emerge during the course of this week.

On the other hand, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on Wednesday declared that he is not willing to give in his support to the supply administration in addition to the command economy system. In the same way Justin Trudeau wants to maintain his popularity and for this he must be intelligent both in the actions he takes and in the things he says and how he expresses himself, therefore it is necessary to say that the administration of supply remains in place, however this has become a difficult task and that is becoming increasingly difficult, as well as planning in some way how to reach an agreement with the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Likewise, Canada has offered to increase the rates of tariff quotas, the amount of product that can be imported tax-free, just as it did in the trade agreement with Europe.

Similarly, it should be noted that Wisconsin was a pioneer in the MPCs, which raffled tariffs of 200% higher in imported milk, that was until the Canadian regulations freeze EE. UU outside the market, a question that they now want to change, that is, they now want to return and be inside. In addition to this, as already mentioned, Canada has offered to increase the rates of tariff quotas, which refers to the number of products that can be imported duty-free.

Source: John Ivison | National Post

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