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Is the US NATO's piggy bank? Here's what America gives and takes

Author: James Alexander Michie

Donald Trump, on his trip to Brussels, leaves a message for all nations that are part of NATO, which is that they must increase their defense spending, which for him is a really disturbing issue.

On the first day of the summit in Brussels, Trump declared that other NATO members should increase spending on their gross domestic product in defense by at least 2%, emphasizing that EE. UU Spending more than 3.5% of its GDP in defense last year and even in previous years much more, unlike other nations such as Poland have dropped the benchmark, in this case to 1.99℅.

For the US president, this issue is somewhat disturbing and even alarming, in fact, has already put on the table this issue for a long time, justifying that the guidelines of the transatlantic alliance recommend that at least 2% of GDP be spent on the defense.

In his opinion, this should be intensified, not in a period of 10 years but should accelerate immediately. In 2014, NATO members agreed to try to reach their 2% target by 2024, but for Trump, it is too long and he believes that wealthy nations like Germany could afford to spend now. It should be noted that Donald Trump is not the first US president to deal with this issue, in fact, many US presidents and administrations. UU It could be considered that they would almost plead with other countries to increase defense spending.

However, defense spending declined significantly at the beginning of the decade because Europe was relatively peaceful, but after Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, all nations that were part of NATO agreed in 2014 to reach the threshold of 2% by 2024.

Likewise, Trump has been hard on his European allies criticizing twitter on NATO and adopting a threatening tone before the meeting in Brussels, sending letters to members of the same demanding that they increase spending and threatening to change the US military presence in Europe if they do not comply with your requests.

Take a read: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/trade-war-food-security-1.4727012

Source: Don Pittis | CBC News


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