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Senate overwhelmingly rebukes Trump with tariff vote | James Alexander Michie

Senate overwhelmingly rebukes Trump with tariff vote | James Alexander Michie

Author: James Alexander Michie

Surprisingly for President Donald Trump, he was rejected by the Senate consecutively regarding his decisions on tariffs and NATO, even though Trump is struggling with different allies on the same issues.

Likewise, the senators voted to ask the president to acquire congressional approval before using national security as a reason to impose tariffs on other nations, as Canada, Mexico, and the European Union have done.

Similarly, it is considered that President Donald Trump abuses the commercial authority, which does not keep the senators happy, in fact, it sends a clear message to the White House about how frustrated they feel in terms of tariffs. Therefore, the Senate voted 97-2 in favor of a resolution in favor of NATO, precisely when Trump landed in Brussels and in turn gave strong criticism for various reasons among the limes is that many nations do not spend 2% of its GDP in defense.

On the other hand, some people consider that this vote will help generate more stringent future legislation. In fact, for Senator Bob Corker “This is a vote for Congress to assume its legitimate role.” However, efforts to pass applicable legislation may be affected and they may face an uphill battle over Trump’s objections.

Now, with respect to Trump’s statements accusing allied nations as a risk to the security of the United States, they responded by issuing tariffs against US products.

Take a read: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/11/politics/senate-trump-tariff-vote/index.html

Source: Ted Barrett | CNN


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