Jordan Peterson: Young People’s Ignorance of Socialism Risks “Absolute Catastrophe”

Jordan Peterson James Alexander Michie

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology. His main areas of study are abnormal, social and personality psychology, with a particular interest in the psychology of religious and ideological beliefs, the evaluation and improvement of personality and work performance. In addition, he teaches at the University of Toronto.

It should be noted that Peterson has a YouTube channel where he publishes the recordings of his classes, among other contents. In 2016, Peterson published a series of videos criticizing the political correctness and the Canadian government’s C-16 bill. As a result of these videos, he began to receive important media attention.

Now, during an event organized by The Heritage Foundation, the clinical psychologist and author of bestselling books said that millennials are adopting the ideology of the extreme left. In fact, he claims that this is because they were not taught about their disastrous results at school.

Absolute catastrophe

Peterson established that the young people’s ignorance of socialism “absolute catastrophe” and in such a way, “they were never taught about it”.

Likewise, the espresso, “People are incredibly ignorant of history”, he said, “What young people know about twentieth-century history is non-existent, especially about the history of the radical left. How would you know? They’re never taught about that, so why do they worry about that? “

Added to this, express those young people are “emotionally attracted to the ideals of socialism, for example, or the left, because they extract their fundamental motivational source from a kind of primary compassion, and that is always present in human beings”.

And as evidence of this, it is necessary to mention that a major survey conducted last year found that the majority of the US millennials. They would prefer to live under socialism than capitalism.

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Source: Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News

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