Journalism is no longer objective

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Murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is seen on one of the covers for Time magazine's 2018 "Person of the Year" issue. Time Magazine/AP

Just as the world has changed and reinvented itself for good or bad, journalism has kept pace with it. However, today’s journalists are not “guardians of the truth”. And is that journalism today has abandoned any attempt to be objective.

Apparently, Time magazine is wrong. And is that it continues in an infinite decline, so some consider it cheats itself by saying that it has the authority or competence to name the “person of the year”. Likewise, named journalists named “The Guardians”, giving Jamal Khashoggi a place of honor on the cover that was once iconic. However, time magazine neglected to verify Khashoggi and now finds that he named a puppet from Qatar. Which his columns were midwives of Qatari government officials, and whose “journalistic” career was nothing more than an incline that distracted from his many more serious activities, later as a Saudi Lobby, nephew of the world’s largest arms dealer, and a series of other shadow alliances.

Journalism in decline everywhere

Everywhere you can appreciate the decline of journalism. And it is that with respect to journalists who have been honored collectively with the assignment of “guardians” that surely cannot be applied in North America or Europe. Since you could take most of your Donald Trump coverage as a testing ground.

Likewise, mention could be made of the scandalous saga of Der Spiegel, whose leading investigative reporter, Claas Relotius, has proven to be a fraud on an industrial scale. In addition to this he is a fanciful fictitious, who deceived Der Spiegel and his readers for years, and now is the face of “false news” throughout the world.

It is really absurd to say that journalists could even be considered the heroes of 2018. The problem of Relotius was correctly described in a Facebook post as “a product of an absurdly leftist writers’ fraternity that is increasingly seldom prepared to leave its own convenient moral comfort zone in favour of the facts”.

In the same way, journalism is often as misguided as the social networks that it ritually deplores. This is constantly driven by a lustful impulse towards the parts of a story that agrees with their prejudices and predispositions. In fact, it is considered that a large part of contemporary journalism does not inform about the game. He sees himself as part of the game.

Source: Rex Murphy | National Post

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